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BarkBox (March Review)

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BarkBox, based in New York City, is a monthly subscription box filled with treats and fun toys for dogs.  Each monthly box contains anywhere from 4 to 6 products, which has been paw (hand) selected and approved by Vesper, their Chief Pawduct Tester.  Each month’s BarkBox is thoughtfully crafted together with a common theme, which is a delight for both dog owners and their dogs.  They have 3 different size boxes based on the size of your dog: “Small & Cute” (0-20 lbs), “Just Right” (20-50 lbs), and “Big & Bold” (50+ lbs), and the toys and treats inside differ slightly.  They are extremely understanding of your dog’s needs, and are more than willing to work with you to get the treats and toys your dog deserves; if your dog tends to rip apart toys easily (like our boys tend to do), they will be happy to put together a box of “tougher” toys for you!!

Because BarkBox is always testing out new products to make sure every pup-scriber is happy, it would be difficult to judge BarkBox (the monthly subscription company) as a whole based solely on one month's BarkBox.  Our aim here is to give you a rundown of the products inside this month's BarkBox for people and pups to get a feel for what they may expect should you decide to be a subscriber!  Remember, the last day to purchase a BarkBox subscription and still receive that month's box is the 10th!

The March BarkBox’s theme was “breakfast.”  Our box (size "Just Right") contained 5 items: 2 toys, and 3 treats.  The following were the two toys inside our BarkBox for March:

 “Lily, the Lion (Large)” by Charming Pet™ Products.  It is a latex toy made in China, made out of all natural latex, and is lead free.  Bolter LOVES it, as you can see in the video below.  This is by far the best toy we have gotten for him.  He can't get enough!! Retail price goes for $8.49.

"Amazing Molecule Ball" by Caitec
“Amazing Molecule Ball (2.5”)” by Caitec.  It is a squeaky ball, and floats in the water.  The retail price is $6.99.  For a pup that loves to play fetch, this would no doubt be a fun toy to have.  Neither Buster nor Bolter are “ball dogs,” and show very little interest in this toy.

The following were the treats inside the March BarkBox:

“Baker’s Best Wild Pacific Maple Glazed Salmon with Blueberries Recipe” by FeelGood®.  The 4oz pack goes for CDN$5.99 retail (which currently is USD$5.40).  The ingredients listed are: salmon, oat flour, brown rice flour, blueberries, molasses, olive oil and maple extract.  The treat is a big hit with our boys.

Wagatha’s “Organic Dog Biscuit- Breakfast (apples, bananas, & maple oats).”  This 8oz box of cute bone shaped biscuits, goes for retail $6.99.  It is a wheat, corn and soy free biscuit, and the ingredients are all organic.  Nonetheless, I would prefer not to purchase this treat myself, since I am a firm believer that the first ingredient, and therefore more of that ingredient than any other, should always be a type of meat, vegetable or fruit.  In this case, the first of that type, apple, was 5th in the ingredients.

“Twistix – Yogurt, Banana Flavor” by NPIC.  This 5.5oz package goes for $4.99.  This wheat-free dog treat aids in good oral hygiene by helping remove plaque and tartar, and freshening their breath.  For the same reason as Wagatha’s dog biscuits, I would not purchase this myself.  On the other hand, the boys loved them, and true to their advertisement, their breath smelled AMAZINGLY minty afterwards.

This month’s BarkBox amounted to a total of $31.87.

Besides the treats by FeelGood®, which I have not been able to find in any of my local pet stores, I would not re-stock on the two other treats.  Our boys, like many other Miniature Schnauzers, have a very strict diet they abide by due to their allergies and food intolerance.  Therefore, we knew that not all treats we received from BarkBox would be edible.  Yet, the box as a whole was delightful.  We especially have so much fun watching Bolter play with Lily the Lion and are looking forward to the April BarkBox! WOOF!

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WUv, Buster & Bolter.


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